SWF Quick Change Cap System

SWF Quick Change Cap System

When you are desperate to get embroidery jobs done out the door fast, nothing matters more than efficiency and maintaining the momentum of your work flow! The SWF Quick Change Cap System helps do this.

Having to switch between caps / flats / tubular hoops is one of those things that can break the momentum.

Since all new SWF Embroidery Machines can come equipped with the Patented SWF Quick Change Cap System, getting a new SWF embroidery machine can help your company maintain its momentum between every job and maximize your business’s profits!

To switch over simply remove your tubular hoop, insert your cap frame driver in exactly the same way you would the hoop and basically your ready to stitch !

SWF Quick Change Cap System - Locking Bracket

Go from Garments to Caps and back in under 10 seconds per head,

“YES” 10 seconds per head, No need for any Allen Keys, No Screw Drivers and absolutely NO thumbscrews needed to help increase your profitability, Just an SWF Machine!

SWF Quick Change Cap System

SWF Quick Change cap system Features

  • Tool-less Transition from Caps to Hoops
  • No Screws or Fasteners to lose
  • Precision Embroidering
  • Huge Time Savings
  • No Special Training

SWF Quick Change Cap system in Action