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EmbStudio e4 Designing

Ultimate Embroidery & Multi-Decoration Software

for professional digitizers, embroidery shops, industry trainers and educators, and apparel decorators. With new technical and creative stitching effects, even faster digitizing and over 200 professional embroidery fonts, you can digitize more creative advanced designs quickly with full professional control.

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing. Embroidery software

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite is included, fully integrated and provides full vector and bitmap graphics software for multi-decoration, printing, cutting, engraving and more. Read more about CorelDRAW®.

With advanced lettering and team name software which includes over 200 embroidery fonts, extensive technical and creative embroidery features, and professional editing and digitizing, you can create logos, sports and fashion designs quickly with full professional control.

Easy graphics digitizing combined with very productive traditional digitizing tools provide professional digitizing for both experienced and aspiring embroiderers.

Use the new integrated Design Library to find designs in seconds by customer, order, date, stitch count and other text or parameters, all within the software.

Create and manage design digitizing requests more efficiently. New tools enhance your business productivity meaning you get more quotes and jobs through your shop each day.

Quickly prepare design mock-ups on high resolution garment images and email .PDF approval sheets directly to customers. Save basic order and job production information right into the Wilcom .EMB design file for easy reference.

Customize your embroidery business

Take your embroidery further. Carefully crafted features designed to widen imaginations, boost efficiency and expand your business. 
Buy add-on Elements to suit your professional needs.


Edit your designs

Advanced Integrated Design Library

  • Search designs in seconds by customer, order, date or any text field
  • Designs are automatically indexed for fast search. No manual categorization required
  • Browse designs from all folders in one screen, or folder by folder
  • Group and sort designs by customer, order, date, folder, design status, stitches and more
  • Quickly see recent designs by date, no matter what folder they are in
  • Batch operations on multiple selected designs. Open, convert, print, stitch and catalogue.
  • Use simple drop lists to search text from a specific field
  • Default “General” for the fastest and widest search results
  • Search by specified dates or pre-set date ranges.

3d foam

Order Job Feature

  • Save customer, order & job details in the .EMB design file. A separate database is not required
  • Identifies the garment, quantities, sizes, colors and approval status
  • Display job details with high resolution product mock-ups in .PDF for customer approval
  • Estimate stitch counts from customer artwork using enhanced Auto-Digitizing
  • Create digitizing requests as .EMB designs and manage status in the Design Library
  • Minimize printed worksheets by sending .EMB with job details to production computer.
  • Specify Color/Size/Quantity in table form
  • Customize the information displayed on approval sheets
  • Quickly create new colorways with Cycle Used Colors.


Enhanced Product Visualizer and Customer Approvals

  • Create mock-ups of designs on high resolution garment images in the required colors
  • Wide selection of high resolution predefined generic products included
  • Add your own custom product images
  • Move and re-size product images within the design
  • Print new .PDF approval sheets with job details or email directly to customers for approval
  • Save and record the product image directly in the .EMB design file for future use.

Embroidery Lettering

More efficient design workspace

  • 4K monitor support, large or small icons, optional labels
  • Improved arrangement of toolbox tools with quick‑access flyouts
  • Switch between multiple open designs effortlessly with new design tabs
  • Visualize stitching sequence with the new Stitch Player using classic media player controls
  • New Color toolbar commands and My Threads docker for easier color management
  • Large, full featured Open dialog displays design details
  • “Open Recent Designs” with thumbnail view.

powerful editing

NEW Creative and Technical Stitching

  • Sculpture, Raised Satin, Square Stitch Outlines
  • Raised Satin, Square Stitch, Double Square fills
  • Predefined Motif Fills now standard
  • Radial Stitch Effect
  • Double Tatami Underlay
  • Adjustable Overlap Lap Corners
  • Improved Auto-Applique’
  • New Satin Tie-off method
  • Trapunto Effect now standard
  • Extended Sculpture Run stitch.


Embroidery Digitizing

Improved Auto-Digitizing

  • New instant Auto-Digitizing of bitmaps with one click
  • Improved interactive Auto-Digitizing dialog
  • Enhanced quality satin and fill stitching, better optimized for logo design
  • Supports full color bitmaps with transparency (24 and 32 bit)
  • Optional cropping / masking of bitmap artwork images
  • Optional bitmap image adjustments before stitching.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

NEW and Improved Lettering

  • 25 NEW embroidery fonts including 3D foam, logo fonts and specialty fonts
  • NEW predefined “Lettering Art” envelope shapes
  • Easier selection of embroidery fonts by style or type
  • Expanded capabilities and easier to use Team Names feature
  • Improved quality of automatic TrueType/OpenType stitching.

Built in intelligence

Faster Digitizing for Professionals and Newcomers

  • Enhanced traditional digitizing tools for fast production digitizing
  • New graphics digitizing tools for easier digitizing
  • Create embroidered outlines and fills with the same shape tools
  • Convert outlines to/from fills in a single click with the new stitch types toolbar
  • Add or remove holes and stitch angles
  • Create drawing objects as vector outlines or fills in the same way
  • Much faster handling and processing of very large designs
  • Customize preset style for traditional digitizing tools
  • Improved duplicate offsets
  • Removing overlaps is even easier
  • Choice of traditional e3 Outline Tools or e4 Outline Stitch Types toolbar.


Enhanced Monogramming

  • 69 professional predefined monogram designs or create your own
  • Extensive but easy to use monogramming user interface
  • Separate tabs for Designs, Letters, Ornaments and Borders
  • Advanced stitching parameters hidden unless asked for
  • Use embroidery fonts or TrueType fonts.

Embroidery Machine

7 add-on Elements Included Now as STANDARD

  • Virtual Decoration – Create high resolution embroidery TrueView images for digital printing.
  • Vector Drawing – Create and edit vector graphics directly in Wilcom designs.
  • Bling – Create and output bling designs for stones, rhinestones, beads and spangles.
  • Auto-Digitize Bitmaps – One click converts bitmap graphics into embroidery.
  • Kiosk Mode – Ultra simple personalised designs for retail shops.
  • Auto Shaping – Automatically weld intersect or overlap embroidery and graphic objects.
  • Freehand – Integrated freehand drawing of stitched outlines and fills plus selected details from other elements are now also included.


IMPROVED Bitmap Graphics in the Design Window

  • Display transparent background bitmaps, normal or rotated
  • Crop bitmaps temporarily or permanently
  • Preview graphic logos on garments before digitizing.

drag and drop

NEW Drag-and-drop .EMB Designs via Clipart Docker

Use .EMB designs from any source

Search for designs or select from specific folders.


NEW Cording Effect

  • Display corded stitching with or without thick lines
  • Add cord on/off commands to the stitch data.


NEW Barudan FDR-3 Design Format with Production Job information

  • Save ES Order Job info in Barudan FDR3 .U03 stitch files
  • Save actual thread color info in Barudan FDR3 .U03 stitch files
  • View correct colors and thread codes (.U03) instead of default software colors (.U01).


LATEST Version e4.1 .EMB Format

  • Keep up to date with the latest version e4.1 EMB file format
  • Reads all previous .EMB versions and exports versions.

CorelDraw X8

Latest CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2017

  • Bundled with NEW e4.1 systems
  • Optional upgrade from X8.2 available for EmbroideryStudio e4.0 customers
  • Open CorelDRAW .CDR graphic files directly from the EmbroideryStudio Design Library.



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