Double the trouble, twice the fun

After 22 years of exhibiting its products at Printwear & Promotion LIVE!, it’s the first year that YES Ltd showcased its recently launched machines on separate stands under the umbrella of the SWF and DTG Digital brands, but what a success this gamble proved to be. It allowed visitors to concentrate on products that were specific to their chosen industry, and the layout gave them the opportunity to browse at leisure while being assisted by a supportive team.

John-Paul Burton, sales director of YES Ltd, said: “The preparation for this show was incredibly time-consuming, but the overall result was immeasurable. The response to our new product ranges was fantastic and the feedback on our SWF/KS Series was overwhelming, with many commenting that it was the quietest multi-head machine they’d ever seen, and others enthusing about the quality of the embroidery.”

The automatic pump action lubrication system on the KS Series, which reduces oil times to 5 seconds in just a couple of pulls, compared to up to 30 minutes on competitor branded machines, was a focal point. While the electrically controlled presser foot, which gives better stitch control to aid evolution of flagging – with only 5mm of movement compared to the standard 27mm (taken from the 1500spm DM range) – went down incredibly well too.

The MAN 12 and EN-TC also went down a storm, especially with budding business start-ups owing to their compact designs and new large HD touch screens.

One of the main talking points though was the appearance of the QM8. This remarkable machine demonstrated its unique features and polished profile at the show. The QM8 is a new breed of direct to garment printing machines, providing high-speed production, superior colour and cost effective ink management. This highly-affordable print production station is capable of printing 340+ white T shirts per hour, produces finer drop placement, and a colour gamut exceeding any printer in the market – meaning that its countless features set it apart in the digital printing industry.

The new Print Wizard Elite Transfer Printing Systems also joined YES Ltd at the show, and the interest in these high-quality and affordable machines was overwhelming. The Print Wizard Elite allows you to decorate and customise an extensive range of printable products at exceptional quality and speed – including textiles, garments, wood, metal, glass, ceramics and a whole lot more – setting a new benchmark in the transfer printing industry.

The SpangleElite machine was back again, putting the sparkle in our visitor’s eyes with its quiet operation, speed and size, and beautiful bling capability. While the Compress iUV-600s made another welcome appearance, wowing visitors with its cost-effective printing of industrial parts and promotional items. With a print area of 604mm x 450mm and a media height of 300mm, the iUV-600s can print on to just about any item – whether it be made of glass, metal, plastic, board, acrylic – the list goes on. It even handles flexible materials such as leather and textiles. As long as the item can be held, it can be printed.

With a mixed range of machines on display, there was something for everyone, and all the machines displayed were sold at the show!

The team at YES Ltd believes P&P LIVE! 2018 was a success!