SWF Embroidery Machines

SWF Embroidery Machines

SWF Embroidery Machines

Since its inception in 1974, SWF have been developing and manufacturing sewing and embroidery stitching machine technology from its corporate headquarters in South Korea.  Today SWF continues today to encapsulate advanced machine technology in all of its SWF embroidery machines.

The Main SWF Range of machines offered within Europe are Single & Two-Heads, Tubular & Flat Table Standard and High Speed Multi-Heads, Tubular & High Speed Dual Function Multi-Heads and the latest KS-Series capable Stitching at 1,200spm as standard.

With SWF machines that are World Patented capable of stitching up to 1,500spm;  Dual Function Technology – where 2 different items & or designs can be stitched on 1 multi-head machine at the same time;  SENS networking with bar code design transferring and reporting systems and more, Today as a premium global manufacturer, Sunstar / SWF manufacturer 1 to 56 head embroidery machines with over 150+ different models available in its range.

All SWF machines come delivered with training and up to a 5 Year SWF Factory Warranty not forgetting our 7 Year STITCH QUALITY GUARANTEE, then you have simply the best machine that money can buy

SWF Continue to listen and develop from its customers requests..

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    SWF World Patented Dual Function (Tubular) Industrial Embroidery Machines

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