Automatic Oiling System

SWF Automatic Oiling System

Without an automatic oiling system, manually oiling an embroidery machine can be costly when you need to periodically stop production.

Whether it is getting all the needle bars lubricated or simply oiling the rotary hooks, the tedious work of hitting every point with an Oil can be daunting and time-consuming.

If one of those points is forgotten, over time it can cause a major failure that could cost thousands of Pounds/Euro’s/Dollars.  Normally a multi-head can take up to 15/20 minuets to oil (Size dependent).

Fortunately, SWF has created an amazing system that gets into all those places for you so that you can focus on what’s important to you, embroidering and making money with just a simple pull of one lever and a flick of a switch!

SWF Auto Oiling Features

  • Oil Machine While Running Jobs
  • Stop Forgetting Oiling Points
  • No Special Training for Employees
  • Oil Entire Machine in Seconds
  • No Disassembly of Machine to Oil

With the SWF Automatic Oiling System, a new employee can oil a large Multi-Head Embroidery Machine in Seconds!