SWF / SENS Embroidery Machine Networking System


Introducing SWF “SENS” (Sunstar Embroidery Networking System) a full networking product to network you SWF embroidery Machine.

This system allows the user to send (push) and download (Pull) designs to and from your SWF Embroidery Machine via Ethernet (LAN) connectivity.


You can operate the SENS program with any SWF Dual function B,E,K series machines or and E or K series Tubular machines.


Network your SWF Embroidery Machines with either a Wired or Wireless system.

Check out the latest Features of SENS (Sunstar Embroidery Network Software)

Monitor Your Machine Working Status!

SENS work statusWindow showing status of the embroidery machine selected in detail.Double click to confirm enlarged drawing part in the separate window.

Setting Up Your Embroidery Colour’s & Applying Directly to the Machine!

SENS colour seq

Window which provides setting status of sequence table for color change and functions such as Edit, Copy, Embed.

Any Machine Problem Feed Back Reporting!

SENS Error reporting

Get a feed back report from the machine with issues related to the machine running out of bobbin thread or top thread by (Head, Color)

Push Design Transfer & automatic Transfer with Bar-Code reader!

SENS Design Transfer

Transfer design using the Ethernet (LAN) network by either sending the design to the SWF Embroidery Machine or by Pulling the design to the SWF Embroidery Machine by Bar Code Reader

Operational Settings

SENS Setting

Window which provides basic setting information of connected embroidery machine by part and application function for changed setting value.

See the History of the Days Production & Work Reporting!

SENS work history

SENS (Sunstar Embroidery Network System) provides status histories of each connected embroidery machine and design information of which work is finished. This function allows the search by condition and is able to create a report based on search criteria.

SENS is a valuable part of making your business efficient with your SWF Embroidery machine.  From design & machine feed back reporting to just making life easier to function., Save Money, Save Time and Manage your Business Better, Life’s better with SWF & SENS!


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