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SunStar / SWF – Your Embroidery Services Ltd History

To learn about us and who we are we need to go back in time to 1974 where Sunstar Group (owned by two generations of the “Park” family) began developing and manufacturing sewing machine technology from its corporate headquarters in South Korea.

In the mid 1980’s they started to develop the embroidery brand SWF and although they are not the oldest embroidery manufacturer in the world they are the most prolific, which is down to the evolution of equipment they have developed.

SWF continues today to encapsulate advanced sewing machine technology in all embroidery machine products to allow such world patented developments as high speed stitching at 1,500 spm; Dual Function Technology – where 2 different items & or designs can be stitched on 1 multi-head machine at the same time; SENS networking; design bar code transferring and reporting systems to make life really easy at the point of production; and more.

SWF – The Company 

Most recently (in 2014) Sunstar was taken over and the ownership passed from the private ownership of the “Park” family to the “Son” family, which wanted to expand its business portfolio and drive the Sunstar / SWF company further as part of the Mobase group.

Mobase Co Ltd are better known in the technology market for their work directly with one of the largest technology companies in the world “Samsung” Corporation and its mobile phone business.

Today, as a premium global manufacturer, Sunstar / SWF manufacturer 1 to 56 heads machines with over 150+ different models available in its range.

Having a superior stitch quality when combined with its world patented technology will produce and earn more money than any other multi head machine available from any other manufacturer in the world for you the customer.

Your Embroidery Services Ltd. (or YES Ltd. as we are more commonly known) opened for business on February 14th 1995 and our ethos from the first day to the present day is to serve our customers with quality products at affordable prices.

We have been supplying SWF embroidery machinery exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1997.  We bring a wealth of technical and development experience, in excess of over 200 years, and the best team of experts in our industry to help you at any time with any queries you many have in assisting your business growth.

All about us: Who is YES Ltd & What Do We Do?

Here at YES Ltd all of our UK based technical support team are factory trained and certificated on all the products we offer and receive yearly updated training to ensure our customers receive the highest support standards possible.

We specialist in hardware, software, and consumable products to the decoration industry, with a highly trained support team to cover every aspect of mechanical, electrical, and software equipment.

The range of equipment and consumable items offered meet all the demands of the present day textile decorators from the industrial to the domestic sectors and beyond.

The products that we offer are, we believe, second to none. Our existing customers too, benefit in the knowledge that they are using not only the best products in the industry but also some of the most advanced and cost effective.

At YES Ltd. we base the level of our success on the level of success of our customers. Our team can offer the highest level of skill and service to meet the demands of the industry today.  To do this we need the latest in facilities to support our customers.

About Us: The Move & Refurbishment

Our aim is to always offer the most advanced products and customer care services that can be attained and we are constantly striving to improve our already successful service package.

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